Eliminate the Stress & Pitfalls of Recruiting

We will help you avoid the common obstacles of the recruitment process:

Revenue growth creating too many jobs to fill making recruiting a challenge.
A revolving door of disengaged employees who eventually leave without notice.
Decreased brand recognition giving your business inaccurate representation.

Save time and money by outsourcing recruiting to the professionals. Partnering with Top Notch Recruiting offers all the benefits of an in-house recruiter, without the stress and for a fraction of the price.

What are the Benefits of Working With US?

Less errors in communication.
Job Seekers thoroughly vetted through our recruiting process.
The facilitation of a better employer and candidate experience.
Consistent communication from beginning to end to ensure your needs are met.
Lower risk of new hire turnover.
Positions will be filled quickly and efficiently.
One point of contact to ensure your unique needs are met.
The ability to maintain the quality and integrity of your business by bringing on the right people.


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We Offer Recruiting Services for
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Our Four Step Recruiting Process

Our stress free four step recruiting process is designed to help you identify the ideal job candidate quickly and efficiently.

Outline Search Requirements

We will sit down with you to learn more about your business and the parameters of the position you would like filled. During our meeting, we will need the roles you want to recruit for, job descriptions, background requirements, responsibilities of the position, whether or not travel is involved, etc. 

Define What Attracts Top Candidates

Every company has something to offer, and we’d like to bring that to the forefront to attract job seekers. We will seek to understand your company culture and image, competitive advantages, benefits packages, total compensation, and other pertinent information.   

Qualify Job Candidates

Once we’ve identified the best job candidates as per your requirements, you will be presented with a shortlist of qualified job candidates. After your availability is received, we will schedule the best time for you to conduct interviews with the selected job candidates.

Candidate Interviews, Feedback, & Job Placement

Finally, after you interview the candidates and provide us feedback, we will finalize the process by moving forward with placement. 

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