Each year talent acquisition teams start planning new strategies for the following year. They address several critical vital areas such as:

  • Reviewing the languages used in job descriptions.
  • Resolving hiring process issues.
  • Checking their talent management.
  • Reconsidering how their ‘new candidate’ should look like.

Developing a solid action plan each year to improve the recruitment process is challenging for talent acquisition teams. While redesigning these strategies, organizations also focus on staying on top of the industry’s top trends. To achieve their goal, they design new trends that are beneficial for the employer and employee.

Talent Acquisition Trends

Following are the top talent acquisition trends.

New Approaches to Onboarding

Previously, new hires hesitated in approaching their seniors for help. However, the trend changes with time. With the emerging trends, organizations have structured their onboarding process to keep their employees closer. 

New hires often engage with their colleagues on the first day at their jobs. In contrast, organizations encourage existing employees to help their future colleagues to make the office environment comfortable for new hires.

New Methods to Incentivize Employees

Companies have introduced new incentives for employees to stay. Companies have also increased their starting salaries, paid sign-on bonuses, offered long-term benefits for existing employees and new hires. Organizations have also provided a hybrid-working mode, allowing employees to work from home and office.

Hiring Based on Diversity

Job seekers often choose companies that hire employees based on diversity. This trend links with remote talent search because it helps companies hire employees across the globe. Hiring employees coming from different parts of the world benefits your business. You will get new distinctive ideas with different perspectives. It is a fact that diverse teams are creative problem-solvers.

Renewed Focus on Employee Engagement

The Great Resignation continued into late 2021 and made company owners realize distributed employees are the new norm.

Companies are focusing less on making offices a fun place to work. They focus more on ensuring employees understand the value of their efforts for the team and business, irrespective of their location.

Improving Employees’ Well-Being

Mental health and employees’ well-being has become a significant focus for company owners and talent acquisition team. In the previous year, CEOs of different companies said that the well-being of their employees was an area where their company struggled the most. 

However, business owners are now focusing more on improving their employees’ well-being with the new trends. Stress and exhaustion have affected almost everyone during the past two years. It is one of the main reasons companies are now focusing more on health and well-being. 

With the new trends, HR and talent acquisition teams must adjust to significant changes such as remote interviews. Focusing on workers’ well-being has become necessary for all businesses with the ongoing pandemic.

The Bottom Line

Talent acquisition and HR use more technological approaches to hiring new employees every new year approaching. However, workers’ health and well-being will remain the primary concern for every business around the globe. Companies can increase productivity, retain employees, and reduce extra expenses with more new approaches.

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